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Welcome to MYDEALOMAN, We are glad that you are here ! We can help drive customers to your business & increase your revenue. lower your marketing costs & grow your business with a few simple steps.  "MYDEALOMAN" is your perfect marketing solution at your fingertips.

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1.       Increase footwalk to your store

Promoting products at exclusive discounts will increase interest in your outlet and attract new and existing customers.


2.       Visual display of your products

Display your products with high quality images and videos to attract customers to your outlet


3.       Generate loyalty and return customers

Target your existing customers with notifications on latest arrivals and promotions


4.       100% control over your marketing activities

You decide the quantity, validity and timing of each campaign.


5.       Unlimited campaigns

You can take advantage of My Deal Oman marketing platform to publish unlimited campaigns 23/7/365 for a modest price.


6.       Increase sales

Increase your sales by offering great deals to attract customers.



We recognize that not all businesses have the same marketing strategy, and that your marketing requirements may change throughout the year depending on various factors. Keeping this in mind  we are launching a host of add-on services that you may avail to Boost your promotions

1.       Window Shopping (Upcoming Feature) - Under the Window Shopping section you can promote a video presentation of your products. A great video is always the best medium to promote your products, as a potential customer is more likely to be convinced to visit your store after reviewing the video of your latest collection from the comfort of their home.


2.       Loyalty coins (Upcoming Feature)- Loyalty coins are My Deal Oman in-store loyalty points that can be earned by the customer for using the discount coupons of select vendors who choose to add these coins to their coupon. Once the customer accumulates a certain number of coins he can exchange them for physical goods (watches, phones, TV, etc. ) from My Deal Oman loyalty redemption center. These coins can be purchased and assigned to your specific discount coupons from within the admin section of your Mini Store.


3.       Advertisement slots-We have a Limited number of advertisement slots placed strategically throughout the website and mobile app to maximize their exposure to visitors, these slots can be rented /booked for a limited time based on their availability and demand at any given point.


4.       Featured slots -We have a limited number of featured slots (12 slots) in each category which are strategically placed to stand out from the rest of the offers and promotions in that category. These slots can be rented for a limited time based on availability and demand at any given point.


5.       Homepage slots- In the homepage on the mobile app each category displays 3 images/ slots to the customer to enable easy access to that category. My Deal Oman is making these Limited slots available to vendors who wish to attract the attention of customers on the homepage.  These slots can be rented /booked for a limited time based on their availability and demand at any given point.


6.       Photography and videography services - Keeping in mind the importance of visually enticing your customer to your products, we have assembled a team of highly skilled freelance photographers/ videographers to help you create visually stunning videos and images of your products as per My Deal Oman  photo and video posting guidelines. You can avail the services of the freelancers at the very affordable price through your admin panel.



7.       Translation services - If you need help translating the description of your promotions from English to Arabic or vice versa in order to posts the description on the Arabic version of the app, you can avail the services of professional translators at very affordable price through the Add-on section of your admin panel.


8.       Store Management Services - If you are too busy or lack qualified staff to manage your Mini Store, we can help you hire trained freelancers who will be happy to manage your Mini Store under your supervision at a very affordable cost. You can request this service through the admin panel or call us to direct an available affiliate to you.


Q.       Are there any conditions for using My Deal Oman platform?

A.      Our only condition is that you publish only exclusive discounts that are not available through any other media or even directly from your store. Exclusive discounts to customers will help you build an online following of loyal customers who will be easily accessible for all your future campaigns and promotions, which in turn will help you increase footwalk and sales with every new promotion.


Q.       How many individual products or services can I promote simultaneously?

A.      The number of products that you can promote simultaneously will depend on your base subscription. For example, if your base subscription is for 3 slots, you can simultaneously run campaigns for up to 3 different products or services. However, you can always buy additional slots as per your requirement.


Q.       Is there a limit on the number of promotions I can run on an individual slot per month?

A.      There is absolutely no limit on the number of campaigns you can run on an individual slot for the duration of your subscription. 


Q.       Can I choose the validity and duration of each campaign?

A.      Yes you have complete control over all the aspects of your campaign, such as value of discount, number of discount coupons offered, duration of validity, validity of the coupon once claimed, etc.


Q.       What is a featured slot, and how can it benefit me?

A.      Featured slots are premium slots within the mobile app which let you stand out of the crowd, and are strategically placed to increase the exposure to customers. There is a limited (only 12) number of featured slots in each category.  These slots can be rented for a limited time based on availability and demand at any given point.


Q.       What is a loyalty coin program and why should I join in?

A.      Loyalty coins are designed to give your campaign an edge over your competitors and attract customers to your outlets. You can purchase loyalty coins from your admin panel and designate them to individual coupons. The minimum number of coins to be designated per coupon is one. There is no upper limit on the number of coins you can designate to a coupon. The more coins you designate the more attractive the coupon becomes to potential customers. Once the customer accumulates a certain number of coins he can exchange them for gifts (such as watches, phones, TV, etc. ) from My Deal Oman loyalty redemption center. 


Q.       Is there any banner space where I can feature my campaign?

A.      Yes we have a limited number of banners and homepage slots (3 per category) that can be rented for a limited time to boost your brand visibility on the app.  Please contact our sales team for more information.


About Us

Everyone loves a great discount. Well, so do we!Why spend more money when you could get the same product or service for less?
Are you constantly on the lookout for great offers from your favorite restaurants, boutiques or other outlets?

Then search no more!

We at My Deal Oman work really hard to bring you discounts from your favorite outlets so that you can claim them from the comfort of your home and plan your outing accordingly.

How it works

My Deal Oman works with your favorite vendors to bring you THE BEST DISCOUNTS through our FREE to use mobile app and website.

Once you find the discount you are looking for, you can claim it to be used at your convenience. You can then redeem your claimed coupon for products and services within the time limit predetermined by the vendor.

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